Step 1

Contact the Council controlling the area in which you wish to place your new Home or Granny Flat. Order a Section 10.7 (2) certificate (149 certificate), approx $50.00 for an abridged version. Obtain a sewer diagram (if required) from Sydney Water or Council. Alternatively pay us a $99 fee and we will obtain this Certificate and diagram for you.

Step 2

Choose your design from our extensive range or set a time to come in and work with us to ‘U-Design’ your own home.

Step 3

Send all information you have gathered to so we can begin initial site layout options and determine Council conditions for building.

Step 4

Set a day/time for us to complete a site inspection.

Step 5

Hi-Tech Homes will provide you with a detailed quote.

Step 6

You then discuss any final changes with us and sign your construction contract with Hi-Tech Homes.

Step 7

Hi-Tech Homes will prepare your Development Application or Complying Development Certificate and assist with your application through Council. Upon approval, Hi-Tech Homes will commence construction of your new home.