Hitech Homes Our Process

Hi-Tech Homes specialises in modular homes, whether it's a large country style home, granny flat, dual occupancy home, cabin, site office or something different altogether!

Your home is manufactured off-site, inside our 4500-square-metre factory, which means you don't ever have to worry about weather delays. Once construction is complete, your home is installed on your land. We provide a complete start-to-finish project, including site inspection, Council submission and our plumbing and electrical contractors can quote you for on-site connection of services.

Our clients are sent updates and progress photos each week. This ensures clients are informed of their homes progress throughout Council, the building and installation process.

Additionally, we encourage our customers to visit the factory during the construction phase of their new home and watch its progress from component parts to a finished home.

Nearly 30 years and 1,200 homes later, we still find the building process exciting and fun!