Benefits of Building Home in Australia with Hi-Tech Homes

Most people believe the most expensive item is also the best quality. But this is certainly proven time again not to be the case. At Hi-Tech Homes we pride ourselves on building affordable, quality modular homes in Australia.

Why are our homes more affordable than other builders? Our homes are manufactured off-site, inside our 4500-square-metre factory. For this reason, we can have your home constructed in as little as 12 weeks.

The construction quality of a manufactured home equals or betters traditional on-site builds.

Unlike slab on ground, with manufactured homes, the supervision is in the factory and each project is constantly reviewed every day for quality and progress.

Manufactured homes make real sense when you consider the cost and speed [of build] compared to bricks and mortar construction. As manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment, we can consistently meet our construction deadlines, without the unexpected delays that a bricks and mortar construction may encounter, such as bad weather.

If you would like to find out more information about Hi-Tech Homes please call our friendly sales team on 02 4774 8388.