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The New York Post reported recently that $1.4 trillion dollars has fled China since 2002, and the rate is now skyrocketing to $10 billion dollars a month.


Hi-Tech Homes and Flats also cater for clients looking for a quality home in affordable retirement locations.


The Manufactured Home industry in Australia is only in its infancy. New home statistics suggest that its current 0.6% share of the market is in a serious upward trend that could see Manufactured Homes Globally occupying as much as 9% of the new home market.


As part of our ongoing commitment to the community we offer our time to meet and talk with young people looking at careers in the building, construction and business sectors. 


Fast efficient build

From start to completion in 8 to12 weeks. That means we can pass significant savings in labour on to you via a very attractive product price range.


At Hi-Tech Homes and Flats, we provide a complete start-to-finish project, including site inspection, Council submission and our plumbing and electrical contractors can quote you for on-site connection of services.


Most people believe the most expensive item is also the best quality. But this is certainly proven time again not to be the case. At Hi-Tech Homes we pride ourselves on building affordable, quality homes.