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For over 30 years Hi-Tech Homes has led the way in modular (manufactured) homes. Our homes vary in size from studios and granny flats, to holiday homes, commercial buildings, homes and large country style homes.

Our homes are built in our factory at Bringelly in modular components, then once completed, transported to site. The installation process only takes 2 days, allowing you to be in your new home much faster.

Modular homes have many benefits over traditional on-site built homes. As modular homes are built in a factory, we have far greater control over the quality and build time. As we have no build delays, our homes can be built in as little as 8 weeks at a fraction of the cost of a traditionally built home.

The benefit of transporting portable homes to site means our homes are much more cost effective for rural and isolated areas. Our exceptional installation team are constantly praised for their professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail, ensuring the installation process runs smoothly and successfully every time.

Modular homes certainly are the future of home building. Drop into our display centre at Bringelly and see the quality of our homes for yourself.
At Hi-Tech Homes ‘we deliver your dream’.

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Add to this:

  • No delays to building when it rains or gets too hot
  • Far greater quality control
  • Virtually no material waste, which would occur for on-site building
  • Affordable because of the time efficient building methods
  • Versatile - dwelling can be moved/relocated in future if required

At Hi-Tech Homes we are proud of our past achievements and excited about our future.

Our History

Hi-Tech Homes have been producing high-quality modular homes, kit homes, cabins, granny flats, commercial and industrial buildings for over 30 years.

The modular (manufactured) concept of building has long been misunderstood by the Australian market. The fact is that affordable prefab homes are the future of residential building in this country.

Modular homes, are simply homes built in a factory in modular components then transported to site (the client’s land) and ‘put together’ usually within 2 days – yes, 2 days!

Modular homes have many benefits over traditional on-site built homes because modular homes are built in a factory. 

  • We have far greater control over the quality and build time
  • No stopping building when it gets dark or too hot
  • Far greater quality control
  • Greater efficiency and less waste
  • It certainly is the future
  • Our prefab homes are built to more rigorous standards than homes built on site.

If any builder disputes this then ask them ‘can their homes be placed on semi-trailers and sent to the location at 100 km per hour and remain structurally sound?’.

Hi-Tech Homes are continually seeking better and smarter building methods, materials and concepts. Above all, we are proud of our past and excited by our future.

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