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Hi-Tech Homes are the leaders of modular construction for homes in Australia.

Hi-Tech Homes use a unique steel chassis system insuring life-long integrity of the building.

The concept of modular construction allows a great degree of design flexibility whilst ensuring a fast, efficient build of exceptionally high quality. The modular building concept developed by Hi-Tech Homes was and still is ahead of its time.

Hi-Tech Homes is a privately owned company passionate about the modular building process and the quality of our homes.

The future is exciting and we are constantly improving our processes, designs and the materials we use.

Hi-Tech Homes are constructed to a far more rigorous standard than a traditional site build home. If any builder wishes to challenge this, simply ask them ‘can they put their home onto the back of a semi-trailer and drive down the freeway at 100 kms per hour and have no effect on the home?’

Hi-Tech Homes can!

Add to this:

  • No building delays caused by weather.
  • No delays to building when it rains, gets dark or gets too hot!
  • Far greater quality control.
  • Virtually no waste.
  • Affordable because of the time efficient building methods.

So upon building completion of your new Hi-Tech Home it is prepared for transport to the client’s land where we only need 2 days – yes, 2 days on site to complete your new home!

At Hi-Tech Homes we are proud of our past achievements and excited about our future.